Dickerman Group ADV

For over 35 years Si-SERVE a subsidiary of the Dickerman Group have developed either independently and as a joint venture with our clients, processes and equipment to complete contracts safely and cost effectively.

Our specialist skills combining labour and equipment have presented customers with cost saving/time saving projects and new approaches to environmental issues such as the re-cycling of media, grit, water etc.

Any project no matter its size or value will be reviewed to ensure that the Dickerman Group H&S record remains at the highest standards.

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Welcome to Si-Serve

Dickerman Group has been operating globally for over 45 years, 35 of these years have been spent in the Water Industry, using its UK wholly owned subsidiary called Si-SERVE 

Major Water Industry clients include Thames Water, Veolia Water, South East Water and Bristol Water to name but a few.

Our Products

• Sand
• Gravel
• Anthracite
• Garnet
• Activated Carbon
• Expanded clay filter media
• Drainage tiles (vitrified) for effluent and water treatment installations



Our Services

Si-Serve has two key areas of contracting services.
1. Water industry for both WTW & STW (water & wastewater treatment)
2. Petro chemical tank and interceptor cleaning
Specialist in filter refurbishments of all types within the water industry with full Health & Safety certification awarded